The Yukon Foundation was established in 1980 by 17 Yukoners who each contributed $100 and their names and experience in various fields, to establish and register this new Yukon funding organization. It is administered under the Yukon Foundation Act.

The objectives of the Yukon Foundation are:

  • To promote educational advancement and scientific or medical research for the enhancement of human knowledge;
  • To provide support intended to contribute to the mental, cultural and physical well-being of residents of Yukon;
  • To promote the cultural heritage of Yukon.
Founding Members of The Yukon Foundation - 1980

Ione Christensen, CM
Laurent Cyr
Belle Desrosiers
William L. Drury
Robert Erlam
Thomas P. Firth
Charles M. Halliday
Rolf Hougen, OC
Lorraine Joe
Roy Minter, CM
Erik Nielsen, PC, QC
Willard Phelps
Gordon Ryder
James Smith, OC
Dr. Aubrey Tanner
Charles D. Taylor, CM
Flo Whyard, CM

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Jamie Furniss