Application Guidelines

For Scholarships and Projects

Applying for Funds


  1. The deadline for submission of applications is midnight on June 15th. Using the online application tool, you may edit your application up until applications close, even if you have already submitted your application.

  2. Scholarship and Project applications must meet the terms of reference set out by the fund(s) for which the applicant is applying (see List of Funds). 

  3. Failure to provide a complete application will result in its rejection.

  4. The Committee’s decisions and recommendations are approved by the Executive. Notification will be sent by mail and/or e-mail, whether or not your application has been successful.


  1. Students are required to provide a copy of their transcripts with their application. We prefer that transcripts be uploaded with your application and submitted before June 15th.  If this is not possible, it's is the applicant's responsibility to provide a copy of their transcripts to the Yukon Foundation before the applications are sent to the reviewer otherwise their application will be deemed to be incomplete.

  2.  Education scholarships must be used in the school year in which they are received.

  3. Scholarships are sent directly to the university, college or institute chosen by the applicant and distributed after the deadline for withdrawal from studies has passed (approx. October 10th).

  4. Your letter with your application is very important as it is the one document which can make the difference. It sets you apart as an individual. It is the only way the director reviewing your application can meet you.


  1. Project grants are given to institutions or organizations which are non-profit associations and who hold a Canada Revenue Agency Registered Charity Number.

  2. Projects which are of a lasting nature and which enrich Yukon society are encouraged. Projects must have direct relevance to, or benefits for, the people of the Yukon.

  3. Project grant recipients are required to provide the Yukon Foundation with a report on their completed projects and where possible a copy of the project; i.e., book, pictures, etc.

  4. For project funding, interim cheques are sent and reports with financial information must be provided before final payments are made.

  5. Project funds requested for materials and production costs will receive consideration over requests for administrative costs. (i.e., wages, travel, living expenses, office rentals, or building/equipment purchases).

  6. Projects funds may be extended into the next fiscal year, with permission.

  7. Where possible, recognition shall be given to the donor and the Yukon Foundation by the applicant when a project is completed.

If you need clarification phone (867) 393-2454 or e-mail before you submit your application.

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