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Application Guidelines

For Scholarships and Project Grants

Applying for an Award


  1. The next Award Season opens on April 15th and applications will be accepted until May 31st.

  2.  All applications are submitted via ONLINE APPLICATION PORTALS.

  3. The portals allow you to edit your application up until the deadline.

  4. Applications must meet the terms of reference of each fund.

  5. Failure to provide a complete application will result in its rejection.

  6. Notification about whether or not an application is successful will be sent out by email in late July.


  1. The scholarship application portal will automatically match applicants with relevant awards for which they are eligible to apply. 

  2. Students are required to provide a copy of their most recent transcript with their application.

  3. Students are required to provide a letter of acceptance or proof of enrolment document.

  4. Scholarships must be used during the school year (from August through to the following July) in which they are received.

  5. Payments will be made to successful scholarship recipients on the 15th day of the first month of the new term, upon receipt of current proof of enrolment in classes.


  1. Institutions or organizations that are qualified donees that hold a Canada Revenue Agency Registered Charity Number and organizations holding a Yukon Certificate of Good Standing are eligible to apply for grants.

  2. The project grant application portal is an online form that prompts applicants to compile project information in one document with specified topics. 

  3. Projects that are of a lasting nature and which enrich Yukon society are encouraged.

  4. Projects must benefit and have direct relevance to the people of the Yukon. 

  5. Project funding is to be used for activities, materials and project coordination. 

  6. Project funding is made in one payment in late August. 

  7. Where possible, project grant recipients are asked to recognize the donor and the Yukon Foundation.

  8. Project grant recipients are asked to provide a brief statement about, and photos of, the project that the Yukon Foundation may use in social media posts.


Reviewers, who may be either donors, volunteers, or members of the Yukon Foundation Board, review applications and make their recommendations to the Yukon Foundation Awards Committee by the end of June.  The Awards Committee then reviews all the recommendations, and makes the final decisions on the grants and the scholarships.  The Award Committee decisions are formally approved by the Executive Committee of the Yukon Foundation's board of directors. 

If you need further information about the application process, please call the Foundation at (867) 393-2454 or e-mail before you submit your application.

Photo by Leslie Leong

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