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Margaret & Rolf Hougen Make a Major Donation to the Yukon Foundation

$20,000 gift by one the Yukon Foundation’s founding members boosts future scholarships

The Yukon Foundation is pleased to announce a signature donation of $20,000 by Margaret and Rolf Hougen. The contribution will fund future scholarships for the study, preservation and enhancement of historical and cultural activities in the Yukon.

“The Yukon Foundation is about Yukoners helping Yukoners, and this generous donation by Margaret and Rolf will help us support Yukon students and projects for years to come,” said Michael Pealow, Yukon Foundation Chair. “ Rolf was an original founder of the organization who invited 16 other Yukoners to help create the Yukon Foundation back in 1980. We are grateful for his continued dedication to supporting Yukon scholarships and projects.”

The donation was announced at the Foundation’s annual general meeting, where members celebrated supporting over 150 Yukon students and projects.

‘This donation is part of a plan to increase the Hougen Family Fund from $60K to $100K and boost the number of scholarships or projects available to Yukoners,” added Rolf Hougen.

The new funds will be managed by the Foundation’s professional fund managers with a view to supporting scholarship awards starting in the Fall 2019 academic year. Details on how you can apply or donate are available at

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